Deltona community comes together to donate car to pizza shop employee

Marco's Pizza employee receives refurbished Ford Mustang

Tyreek Thyme won't need to struggle to find a way to get to work anymore.

DELTONA, Fla. – Tyreek Thyme won't need to struggle to find a way to get to work anymore. 

For the past seven months, the rising junior at Seminole State College struggled to get to work at Marco's Pizza in Deltona without transportation.

Tiffany Beres owns Marco's Pizza shops in Deltona, Longwood and Winter Springs.

"A couple of employees had shared with me, 'Do you know he's spending a lot of his paycheck on Uber rides?'" she said. 

Thyme estimated he spent about $200 a month on transportation costs.
When Beres heard that, the alarms went off. 

"This is a kid who never said anything to anybody about not having a ride," Beres said. "He never even asked. Nobody is more deserving than Tyreek." 

Over the course of the last four months, the business helped raise money to get Thyme his own car. 

"We just jumped on it," Beres said. "All of the small businesses instantly just said, 'I'll donate. I'll donate money and gift baskets to raffle off.'" 

Ashley Downsbrough, an employee at a nearby Marco's Pizza, even donated her old Ford Mustang. 

"Knowing I can help someone out with it means a lot," Downsbrough said. "I'm so happy it's back on the road."

The car did require several weeks worth of work to get it running again.

"We had to put in a lot of work including the transmission, a new battery and a new ignition," Beres said.

Now Thyme gets around very easily. His new ride comes with a lot of freedom, he said.

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