Raise your hand for these famous lefties

This International Lefthander's Day, recognize these lefty greats

ORLANDO, Fla. – Raise your left hand for International Lefthander’s Day.

It’s a day meant to recognize the 10 percent of the population who live in a right-handed world but are talented enough to make it through with a different dominant hand.

Some of those people are famous and have done incredible things as a so-called southpaw.

Let’s give a thumbs up to these five left-handers.


“I’m not like them, but I can pretend.”

That’s what Nirvana guitarist Kurt Cobain had to do to rock the world, at least until he could get a custom-made guitar.

Left-handed artists, sometimes called southpaws, would struggle with string instruments. They would have to test their musical talents by learning the strings backward and forward. They’d take a normal guitar, pull off the strings and re-string them in reverse order, then proceed to play.

Eventually, Cobain got guitar-maker Fender to make a special left-handed guitar just for him. The brand has been dubbed the Fender Kurt Cobain Jaguar. It costs around $1,800, but the sound of him shredding on the strings is priceless.



Notable for her role on "The Avengers" as Black Widow, the actress is known for holding her props in her left hand. Since Johansson was a lefty, by default, Natasha Romanoff AKA Black Widow is a lefty in the films as well.

Black Widow can be seen holding weapons in her left hand alongside her long-time friend and teammate Hawkeye. Jeremy Renner also shooting arrows with his dominant left hand.

There was no discussion about whether Black Widow and Hawkeye had to conform to the right-handed world. The first Avengers film was written and directed by left-handed creative Joss Whedon. And of course, father of the Marvel Universe Stan Lee was also left-handed. It only makes sense to have lefties help save the world.

There is no word on if Johansson's lefty status helped her nab the role, but it probably didn't hurt.



History was painted -- with a left hand.

Leonardo da Vinci has become somewhat the poster painter for left-handed artists. There is some lingering evidence, though, that he may not have been naturally left-handed. Biographers said he clearly did use his left hand to both draw and paint, but some research suggests it wasn’t much of a choice for him. There’s evidence he may have been forced into the southpaw lifestyle because of some sort of accident or deformity in his right hand. It remains a lefty mystery.



People remember Tim Tebow for his greatness on the field, while playing for the University of Florida Gators. He’s also recognized as one of the best left-handed college quarterbacks (but admittedly, not in the top five).

Beyond the pigskin, the athlete is also known for his time on the diamond. The left-handed hitter played in the Mets instructional league. Though his left-handed throws make a rare appearance, the iconic athlete goes down in lefty history.



When the "Maleficent" star signs autographs, she does it with her left hand.

Angelina Jolie is perhaps one of the more well-known famous female lefties. According to reports, the "Tomb Raider" heroine needed a left-handed gun made just for her role as Lara Croft. Movie enthusiasts say if you watch her films carefully, it’s obvious she’s left-handed.



Kermit the Frog  can fool you for a righty, but he’s a southpaw Muppet at heart. Though he’s not technically a person, he makes a good bonus for our famous lefty list.

Jim Henson was the master puppeteer behind Kermit, and he was left-handed. Though Henson wore Kermit on his right hand, he used his left to manipulate the beloved Muppet’s hands. Kermit is usually spotted holding things in his left hand.

Henson set the standard of how Kermit operates. Although the famed frog is technically ambidextrous, his Muppet masters still showcase what this lefty frog can do.