Daytona Beach police search for 7-Eleven robbery suspect

Police said the suspect threw a victim against the store window and shattered it

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Officers with the Daytona Beach Police said they are searching for a robber who cut the electricity off to commit a crime on Thursday morning at the 7-Eleven on Ridgewood Avenue and Shady Place Lane.

Police said a man in a green shirt went to the back of the store and ripped out the power meter.

Surveillance video shows an employee checking the doors right when the lights went out and the suspect barging through the doors.

"He pulled the doors open. He jumped on top of me and he started assaulting me. I couldn't tell if he had a weapon on him," said an employee on the phone with 911.
Authorities said the suspect threw the man against the store window and shattered it, before dragging him to the counter. 

"He made me empty both registers. He kicked me onto the ground, or the freezer and kicked me in the back of my head and told me don't move and ran out the door," the worker said.

Investigators believe the robber was in the store a couple hours before and tried to buy coffee with a credit card but was declined.

Luckily, the employee wasn't seriously hurt. Police hope the video will lead to an arrest.

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