Wakeboarding champion uses professional skills to give back to group of women

Ethell demonstrated her moves on wakeboard before handing over the ropes

ORLANDO, Fla. – Wakeboarding champion Meagan Ethell, 22, used her professional skills to give back to a special group of women Sunday morning.

"All the women that have gone through breast cancer are really strong, and that inspires me. So, just being around them is really motivating, and it's just an amazing crowd of women," said Ethell.

The boat filled up quickly with first-timers and veterans for the second annual Breast Cancer Survivors Day, and the women say Ethell's kindness is beyond appreciative.

"I really appreciate it so much. I understand she doesn't even have a personal connection to cancer and she's doing this anyway. So, it just sounds amazing. And what a great opportunity to learn from the best," said Vicki Migacz.

Ethell hit Lake Ivanhoe first, demonstrating her smooth moves on the wakeboard before handing over the handles. She said the free event is nothing more than just a chance to bring a community together and said seeing the smiles on everyone's faces is worth it.

"It's really amazing. I think just having a strong community to just push towards something bigger and better is always wonderful," said Ethell. "I just truly want to give back to these women that have inspired me."

The event was followed by yoga and lunch.

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