Florida woman upset after groomer dyes dog neon green, pink without permission

Groomer said dog was 'missing something'

A Florida woman took her dog into a South Florida groomer to get a cut and teeth cleaning. What she got back was not what she asked for. 

Graziella Puleo's Goldendoodle named Lola was returned to her with a neon dye job, according to CBS Miami.

The woman was very angry and upset to see her beloved dog dyed, with neon pink ears and neon green eyebrows. 

Puleo said her dog's eyebrows, eyelashes and whiskers were buzzed off and her tail was shaved. 
The problems didn't end there. The dog's belly appeared to be burned, and she had to be taken to the vet to be treated for an infection, according to CBS Miami. 

Lola's nails were ripped off and not cut like requested. Her teeth weren't cleaned, either, the dog's owner said. 

Amore's Pet Salon Dog Grooming Day Care Boarding Spa owner Raquel Adams said Lola was "missing something" and she wanted to "beautify" the dog. 

The groomer admits to the dye job without being asked to do so and claims she wanted to surprise the owner to make her happy. 

The owner refunded the woman's $150 and offered a complimentary visit. 

According to reports, Lola is doing great but her hair is still dyed. The vet told the owner the dye has to grow out naturally. 

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