Report: Kissimmee resource officer filmed naked video in school bathroom

Officer fired for 'neglect of duty'

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – A Kissimmee Police resource officer has been fired for stripping naked and filming a sexually explicit video in a school bathroom, according to department records.

The results of the internal affairs investigation were released Friday. The findings claim the video surfaced when a cellphone was seized in April as part of an unrelated criminal investigation.

The Kissimmee Imagine Charter Academy school resource officer, who was not named in the report, was found to have recorded the 45-second video in a single-stall, locked staff bathroom during her lunch break on Dec. 4.

That video and three images taken around the same time were sent to her husband, records show. Officials said the officer's pepper spray and uniform pants could be seen in the photos.

The officer admitted to recording the nude video, saying that it was never supposed to be made public and there was no chance of anyone walking in on her due to the bathroom's locking system, according to the report.

Records show she apologized, expressed regret and said she knew what she did was wrong.

The officer was found to have violated department conduct standards in a way that constituted neglect of duty. It was noted in the report that had there been an emergency, the officer would have been slow to respond because she was naked at the time.

The officer appealed her termination, but the appeal was denied.

Kissimme Police Chief Jeffrey O'Dell released a written statement about the incident.

“As soon as our agency was made aware of the video which was created by a School Resource Office (sic) we immediately launched an investigation and removed the officer form (sic) the schools (sic) campus. The safety and security of our community, especially when it comes to our children, is our top priority at the Kissimmee Police Department. The actions taken by this School Resource Officer on duty, while working at a school, were not a reflection of the Department’s top-most priority and as a result that person was terminated,” the statement read.

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