Daytona Beach police search for hit-and-run suspect

Victim captured video on dashcam

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Dashcam video sent to News 6 captured a terrifying moment: A car turning left crosses multiple lanes and rams into another vehicle and keeps going.

On Saturday, Mike Chouinard was driving to Daytona Beach through the intersection of International Speedway Boulevard and Martin Luther King Boulevard when the crash happened.

"All of a sudden, my car explodes, just explodes. I was kind of dazed and confused," Chouinard said.

The Sanford man said his car spun around and struck a pole before his airbags deployed.

"I am very angry that the people left me for dead," he said. "Whoever this person is needs to face the consequences because they actually could've killed me."

Chouinard is OK, but admits if it weren't for the dashcam installed in his Nissan Sentra he would still be puzzled about what happened.

"If I didn't have the dashcam I wouldn't even know what happened," Chouinard said.

Daytona Beach police arrived at the scene within seconds of the crash, but the suspect driver had already fled the scene.

"This guy had no regard for my life or anybody's else life on the road," Chouinard said. "He just kept right on going. You can tell there was a group of cars together. They were a clique."

Chouinard said he filed a police report with Daytona Beach police. We are still waiting to hear back from the department.

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