Warning sent after complaints of mudding on protected wetlands

Lake Harney Woods Neighborhood Association sent out the warning

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Parents in the Seminole County Public School District received a message from the district about issues happening inside the Lake Harney Woods neighborhood in nearby Mims.

The Lake Harney Woods Neighborhood Association sent out a warning that anyone who trespasses into the neighborhood would be cited by deputies after issues of mudding on their roads.

 Diane Delano owners Wild Horse Rescue Center inside the community. She is now getting her property ready for its new owner, after deciding to move out.

"Part of the problem was constant running on these roads. Tearing them up, doing donuts. And it's people that don't even live here," said Delano. "The noise is nonstop. The four wheelers people live out here, so you can expect that. It's the trucks and the multiple trucks that you hear coming out of there."

Delano said that her horses are located right next to the boat landing in the community. The warning from the neighborhood association also reminds people that it is a felony to disturb the protected wetlands.

"They've hit our fences before. We've had to replace and repair posts down there. So, yes it's dangerous. We've had cars flip in the ditches. We've had people wreck as well," said Delano.

Delano said that there have also been with people leaving behind beer bottles and trash near the boat landing. 

"That park is suppose to be something people can go and enjoy and it has in the past been a real problem. Like I said, the four-wheelers, the drinking and the mudding," said Delano.

 The Volusia County Sheriff's Office said it has increased patrols in the area and also has marine units keeping an eye from the water.

Below is the full message sent to parents with children attending Seminole County Public Schools:

"The residents of Lake Harney Woods will trespass anyone caught on property who does not live in the development or was not invited into the development. If invited in, we expect that you will drive the speed limit of 25 mph at all times and not endanger our residents, pets or children.  We have engaged Volusia County Sheriff Deputies to patrol our neighborhood in marked and unmarked vehicles to ensure the safety of our residents.  Driving/mudding out at our boat ramp is a felony if caught because that land is considered to be protected wetlands.  Deputies have the authority to make arrests or issue tickets for this offense.

Thank you very much for your help.  We have experienced very reckless and dangerous driving, and property damage as well.

Lake Harney Woods Neighborhood Association"


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