Jimi Hendrix's artwork on display for first time ever

Collection includes 15 original lithographs

For the first time ever, artwork created by legendary guitarist, Jimi Hendrix, is on display in downtown Orlando's art district.

ORLANDO, Fla. – For the first time ever, artwork created by legendary guitarist Jimi Hendrix is on display in downtown Orlando's art district. 

Inside the Rogers Kiene historical building is the exhibit titled "The Art of Jimi Hendrix." It's a collection of psychedelic pieces valued at 1,500 each.

"They're very vibrant colors, and these are the colors that you would've experienced, that Jimi actually used when he created these," Shanon Larimer, curator of the exhibit, said.

There's about 46 original works of art by Hendrix that are owned by private collectors. On display are prints.

"There's 15 original lithographs that have been printed. They're numbered 1 of 4, so only four copies actually exist," Larimer said. "They've gone through a process of correcting the color to bring it back to its original state. You can see the strokes where he actually colored in so it's that detailed."

The exhibit is part of the Global Peace Film Festival, which is now in its 16th year. Each piece of art is titled after one of Hendrix's musical works.

"So you're learning a little bit about the music as your learning about the art," Larimer said.

Art was a lesser known talent of the famous guitarist, who was born in Seattle, Washington.

"In his biographies, they actually acknowledge the fact that he never had an interest in music originally, he actually had more of an interest in art," Larimer said. "He often was found drawing pictures of cars. He expressed himself; oftentimes even in between sets, he would be drawing and doodling."

His artwork, which is coming to light for the first time for the general public to enjoy, is being presented 50 years after Hendrix's iconic performance in Woodstock, New York.

On Aug.18, 1969, Hendrix played his guitar for almost two hours nonstop -- one of the longest performances of his career.

"Jimi Hendrix represents a period of time and history of our culture, and the arts community has been painting portraits of Jimi Hendrix since I've been involved with the downtown arts district. So it's really fun to see his work displayed, not just work of him," Barbara Hartley, executive director of the downtown district, said.

"The Art of Jimi Hendrix" is on display until Oct. 12 in the Rogers Kiene building in downtown Orlando. 

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