Gatorland opens world's largest white gator breeding facility

Gators typically breed in spring, lay eggs in June

ORANGE COUNTY, Fla. – Gatorland debuted its White Gator Swamp on Friday, which the park says is now the largest breeding facility for white alligators in the world.

The habitat, made up of three natural exhibits, features two male leucistic alligators, one male albino and two female albino alligators.

"Albino alligators completely lack any pigment in their skin.  They have the pink eyes, no coloration whatsoever," President Mark McHugh said.  "Leucistic alligators, on the other hand, have some coloration and pigment in their skin."

The facility was built to allow only filtered sunlight in, because of the sensitive skin of the white gators.

"We've spent a lot of time designing and researching and developing this beautiful facility," McHugh said.  "They needed to be shaded, fully.  Their white skin is very sensitive to sunlight."

McHugh said leucistic alligators are extremely rare and hopes the two males, Feros Zombi and Trezos Je, will breed with female alligators that carry the same genes that create leucism.

Gators typically breed in the spring and lay eggs in June that will hatch in August.

"They're priceless, particularly the leucistics There's only a few of them left in the world, and hopefully we can fix that and have a whole lot born here in the next few years," McHugh said.

Gatorland is also asking for help naming three baby albino alligators. Watch the video below then click here to leave suggestions.

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