Kissimmee issues notices to owners of boarded-up homes

Officials estimate 400 boarded-up homes in city

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Kissimmee officials estimate there are more than 400 boarded up homes in the city just over a month after the threat of Hurricane Dorian.

These numbers caught the attention of the city and now it is taking action.

Code enforcement officials are placing notices on homes that are still boarded up.

City code states that after a severe weather advisory, such as a hurricane, residents have seven days to remove boards.

One of the city's main concerns is the safety of residents, saying that emergency responders need to be able to get into houses in the event of an emergency, and that residents need to be able to get out.

 "Although Code Enforcement will not fine violators if it's not corrected within five days, owners could be required to appear before the city of Kissimmee special magistrate, resulting in possible daily fines of $150 for each day the property remains in violation," the notice states.

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