Building a gymnastics routine: Simone Biles recreates winning moves using Lego bricks

Blocky Biles sticks its landing


ORLANDO, Fla. – Building an award-winning routine is just like creating something with LEGO bricks, according to gymnastics world champion Simone Biles.

The 22-year-old sat down with a box of building bricks in a new video to offer her explanation as part of the LEGOS Rebuild the World Campaign.

The young gymnast flipped her way to become the most decorated athlete in championship history Sunday, but she chose to draw inspiration from the U.S. Championships where she showed off her trademark move the "triple-double." 

But she says every routine starts with you.

[WATCH BELOW: How Building a Gymnastics Routine is Like Building with LEGO Bricks]

Biles says to be a gymnast, one has to be disciplined and determined. She's learned to twist that into her own style.

"My favorite color is purple," she said as she picked out pieces to create a LEGO version of herself. She got a purple LEGO brick and stuck on a pair of eyes, adding arms and legs to make the LEGO brick version of herself.

"Look how cute I am!" she declared.

Personality and work ethic is part of her illustrious career. She is the first woman in history to hit a triple-double, a 25-time gold medalist and has won six U.S. Gymnastics Championships -- the first woman to do so in 70 years. 

"Nobody has a standard routine," she said. "But a Simone Biles' routine usually has a lot of difficulty packed into it with control, confidence and grace."

As she prepared her mini-LEGO gymnast for its big moment, she compared how using her creativity with LEGO building blocks is reminiscent of creating a routine.

"Building the routines is kind of like LEGO bricks. We can take skills out, put them back in, and nothing is right or wrong," she said. "It's your imagination and creativity to build whatever you want."

Biles describes her award-winning routine, the triple-double in the video as two flips and three twists. 

Her LEGO sticks the landing, with everything intact. 

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