Good Samaritans rescue pelican entangled in fishing line

2 women spotted bird on South Causeway Bridge

Photos courtesy of Denise A. Giangrasso-Dean.
Photos courtesy of Denise A. Giangrasso-Dean.

NEW SMYRNA BEACH, Fla. – Traffic stalled on the South Causeway Bridge beach-bound direction Wednesday when a good Samaritan stopped to assist an entrapped pelican off the road. 

Onlooker Denise Giangrasso-Dean said she was headed to run some errands when she noticed a pile-up of cars in the left lane. When she transferred to the lane over, she noticed a woman was trying to chase a pelican off the road and into nearby sand.

Giangrasso-Dean said she noticed the pelican could not fly or walk, so another woman exited her car, picked up the pelican and escorted it to her vehicle. The pelican was said to have had fishing wire wrapped around it.

It is not clear at this time if the woman took the pelican to receive medical attention.

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