Show off your pub sub love with new Publix merchandise

Take a bite out of fashion with these new hoodies

(Credit: Publix)

If you love Publix subs, you can now show it off to the world. 

The popular grocery store chain has launched a line of merchandise highlighting your deli favorite. 

The line called “Fresh Goods” includes T-shirts, hoodies, a fanny pack, slides, socks and lounge pants. And don’t forget the BOGO-themed pillow.

(Credit: Publix)

And when you need a place to stash your sandwich, you can go for the Publix Sub Sack fanny pack priced at $19.95. 

The line offers a range of prices between $9.99 and $24.95. 

To see the full line, click here.

(Credit: Publix)


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