Estranged husband of missing St. Cloud mother arrested

Christopher Otero-Rivera named person of interest in her disappearance

A person of interest in a missing woman case faces an Osceola County Judge.

ST. CLOUD, Fla – The Osceola County Sheriff's Office said Christopher Otero-Rivera, ,31, and Angel Luis Rivera, 63, have been named persons of interest in disappearance of a missing St. Cloud mother.

Nicole Montalvo was reported missing after failing to pick up her 8-year-old son from school earlier this week.

Montalvo’s estranged husband Otero-Rivera was arrested Friday. His father, Luis Rivera, was also arrested on violation of another felony charge.

Otero-Rivera faced a judge for the first time on Saturday morning, charged with violation of a domestic violence injunction.

“Sir, you are here charged with violation of a domestic injunction,” the judge told Otero-Rivera, standing in handcuffs and an orange jail jumpsuit.

According to court records, Otero-Rivera has a history of domestic violence-related charges involving his estranged wife dating back to 2016. Those records include a 2018 charge of kidnapping, battery and aggravated assault.

The search continued Saturday at Angel Rivera’s home, which sits on a five-acre property on Hixon Avenue in St. Cloud. Human remains were found Friday during the search for Montalvo.

At sunrise, up to 20 investigators, deputies and forensic experts continued to search the property. Images show K-9s were brought on scene, as well as heavy machinery and water pumps to drain a pond on the property.

The property is just down the road where Troy Hixon was raised. The same road named after his family.

“You think they are a fine, upstanding person and the next thing you know, sheriffs are out digging bodies in the yard,” Hixon said. “That's troubling to find out, but now that they are saying they can't find out if it's male or female … that's very disturbing.”

When asked what they are searching for, deputies said they are searching for any evidence. Sheriff Russ Gibson said they will not stop until "every stone is unturned."

They plan on searching through dusk and then will start back up again Sunday morning.

Meanwhile, Otero-Rivera and his father are staying behind bars at the Osceola County Jail. Otero-Rivera is expected to face a judge again Sunday morning.

The Osceola County Sheriff's Office said Christopher Otera Rivera and Angel Luis Rivera have been named persons of interest in disappearance of a missing St. Cloud mother.