KISSIMMEE, Fla. – Law enforcement officials say daylight saving time increases dangers to pedestrians and is the most dangerous time of the year for them.

On Friday, Kissimmee police officers were at the intersection of Donegan Ave. and West Carroll Street, near Kissimmee Elementary School, stopping drivers who were speeding and not stopping for pedestrians. 

"No one stops for you. It's like a risk. You gotta wait, so if someone is speeding, you definitely don't have a chance," Kareem Davis said.

Davis lives near the school and walks every day with his dog near the intersection of Donegan Ave. and W. Carroll Street. 

He told News 6 he sees drivers speed every day.

"I have no choice but to wait and make sure it's clear to actually go across," he explained.

About 20 tickets were handed to drivers Friday for failing to yield for pedestrians and speeding.  

So far this year, 75 pedestrians have been hit and nine people have died crossing the street in Osceola County, according to state reports.

That's a trend Best Foot Forward and local law enforcement are working to reverse.

"It has a lot to do with the way that our roads are designed, to our driver behavior, and I can also say in pedestrian behavior, too," Amanda Day, with Best Foot Forward, said.

Officers also handed out tickets on South Thacker Avenue and West Ernest Street as well as North Hoagland Boulevard.