Animals find refuge at Kindred Spirits Sanctuary

Sanctuary is home for abused, neglected, left-behind farm animals

Kindred Spirits is a home for the abused and neglected farm animals.

CITRA, Fla. – Down a long driveway dripping in mossy Spanish oak, sits 75 acres -- a haven and refuge for all sorts of misfits.

It's a sprawling sanctuary with sun-soaked pastures and weather-bleached, ranch-style fences. All the residents of this farm take the scenery fully for granted, and their owner thinks they deserve to.

Founded in 2003, Kindred Spirits is a nonprofit home for the abused, neglected and left-behind; it's a soft landing for animals who fall through the cracks of the animal agriculture industry.

Logan Vindett fell in love with Kindred Spirits, and the residents of the sanctuary loved her right back; so much so, that Vindett is now the director of the whole operation.

From pigs, goats and chickens to cows, horses and barn cats, this sanctuary refuses none and advocates for all, both human and not.

Vindett welcomes youth groups to the property to interact with the animals, enjoy their company and to learn compassion.

The nearby veterinary program at the University of Florida has students who visit Kindred Spirits to learn about the animals they will later treat.

All 170 residents of the sanctuary will retire there, and Vindett said she will be by their side every step of the journey.

You can learn even more about Kindred Spirits on their website. They offer scheduled tours, a bed and breakfast, and volunteer opportunities.

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