Termites force closure of Winter Park City Hall

Building to close during Thanksgiving holiday

A termite queen (L), which is about 5 centimeter long and a termite king, about 1 centimeter long, are displayed. (2007 China Photos)

WINTER PARK, Fla. – Not everyone will be having a Thanksgiving feast this year.

Winter Park City Hall on Park Avenue will be closed during the holiday weekend so the building can be treated for the wood-eating insects before the pests can cause any further damage.

Officials from the city said they noticed evidence of dry-wood termites inside the city commission dais and they suspect the bugs could be munching on more furniture.

“To prevent an infestation, it was more economical to fumigate the building to eliminate the live termites and larvae, compared to the costs associated with rebuilding the wood furniture,” City Manager Randy Knight said.

Fumigation will take place Nov. 27 through Dec. 1. City Hall will be open again on Dec. 2 after the building is cleaned and ventilated.

Members of the public are asked to not enter or approach the building during the treatment because the gas under the tent is extremely harmful to people and animals.

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