Father and son duo give artist-by-artist breakdown from EDC Orlando

Pair interviewed artists, share their take on Orlando EDM festival

Image courtesy of Electric Daisy Carnival and Insomnia.

ORLANDO, Fla. – Tinker Field transformed into a fantasy land of lights, carnival rides and music that touches the soul during the Electric Daisy Carnival.

Crowds danced to electronic music Nov. 8 through Nov. 10 Downtown Orlando. With a turnout of 225,000 people, EDC Orlando 2019 was the biggest one yet. Not only was there a record-breaking amount of attendees, but there were over 160 artists including big names such as Kaskade, DJ Snake, Deadmau5, and Steve Aoki.

I got the privilege this year to not attend but to go with my dad, Jeff Segers. EDC is for everyone that’s into an out-of-this-world experience that want to let loose and have fun.

“Music has always been my refuge, and more recently, a way to bond with my son Teddy,” Jeff said.

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Jeff Segers shares his EDC experience with his son.

I am 53 years old and the handfull of raves that I went to in my 20s was nothing like what I experienced. It was called techno back then.

Although there were similarities like the positive energy and sounds that make it impossible to stand still, walking into EDC was like being transported to planet Pandora in the movie Avatar. With 77 lasers, 74 flame units and more than 1,600 lighting fixtures and 5,000 video tiles created a mesmerizing visual experience throughout the entire festival, you can’t help but feel like you are on another planet.

Teddy is 19 and his love for music is just as strong. Five years ago when the only thing he wanted for Christmas was an audio program to create his own music, his mom and I figured that it was a phase.

Well, it wasn’t.

He has stuck with it and has put a lot of time into learning his craft. He would spend hours making just five seconds of a song. I got a first-hand look into what it takes to make one of these songs and it gave me a newfound respect for these artists.

When the opportunity presented itself to cover EDC for News 6, I wanted Teddy with me during the interviews. He was much more qualified to talk to these musical geniuses than I was.

I wasn’t sure what to expect when entering the DJ Lounge for the interviews, but I can tell you that each of them was unassuming, genuine and very smart.


There were approximately 40 acres of nothing but music, lighting fixtures and video screens. Rave goers could enjoy everything from LED Ferris wheels to amazing food stands placed all across the lot. The real festivities occur at the four stages where artists show off their work with a beautiful blend of technology and nature, each in their own individual way.

Imagine sitting beachside with sand in your toes jamming to your favorite artist. That’s what Corona Electric Beach brings as you walk into a completely different world. Insomniac Events, the organization that puts together EDC does everything it can to show music in the most beautiful and entertaining ways.

Being at EDC this year was not only an amazing experience but being able to share that with my dad was even more heartwarming. He is 53 and this is our second EDC together. He wanted to wait until I was old enough to go to share the experience with me. Having the opportunity to share the constant good vibes and love spread amongst everyone with family is something that EDC makes so easy. Everybody working and attending the festival are nice and genuinely care for the people around them. It’s all about everyone enjoying themselves -- a feeling not exclusive to a certain group or age.

My dad and I have been a fan of electronic dance music for a handful of years and being able to dance and enjoy so many artists just enhances our bond and our EDC experience.

Jeff and Teddy Segers. (WKMG)

Black Caviar

When we arrived on Saturday, the second day of EDC, my dad and I got the opportunity to speak with Black Caviar, a duo from New York rising to the top of the EDM scene globally. The two started making music for fun with their only goal of getting a song on Spotify.

Now you may recognize them from their hit song “What’s Up Danger” from the “Spiderman: Into the Spider-Verse” soundtrack. The duo also has a handful of other hits spanning from House music and songs with Latin influences such as their song “Coco” picked up by Casablanca Records.

My dad and I got to speak to them at the festival. When asked, “What’s next for Black Caviar?” they revealed that they had big plans in the works. The duo has two new songs coming out Nov. 22, implying the pioneering of a new subgenre called “Conspiracy House.” When we asked what can the fans expect in the new year, they implied they are working on a spring run as well as some stand-up comedy shows.



Another name EDM enthusiasts should be familiar with is Judas. The 27-year-old is from Orlando and this was his first time playing at EDC in his hometown.

We got to sit down with him on Sunday. Eric Arroyo, who goes by Judas for his sets, talked about growing up in Orlando. He told us about how he passed out flyers in 2011 just to make enough money to go to his first EDC festival. He never dreamed he would actually play at the festival. Eight years later, he got to play at one of EDM’s largest festivals, and his family was there front and center.

Proving that local talent is on the rise, Judas played an amazing set at the Art Car showing off his experimental melodic sound that he says connects him with the crowd on a different scale rather than the mainstream “1,2,3, jump” styles usually played at festivals.

My dad and I got to speak to him before his set and asked if he thought EDM music is underground. Our question a nod to how the genre first started.

“No, not at all," Judas said. "You have EDM artists at every festival and even the clubs downtown Orlando play EDM.”

Jeff asked the young upcoming artist what he thought about people Jeff’s age being there.

“Age is just a number,” he said. “It’s all about your heart and how you feel -- and your love for the music.”

Judas said EDM hit the mainstream hard and believes it’s only going to get more popular. He recently signed to Insomniac Records.

“The most amazing human beings that I have worked with,” he said about the IR team. “They are all so nice and they really care about their artists.”

Judas is just getting started and it won’t be long before he’s playing at festivals around the world.



EDM has evolved to include a series of subgenres, and EDC did not have a shortage.

Birthdayy Partyy is a duo that specializes in a popular genre called “Bass House.” Originally from Chicago, the duet is made up of twin brothers. My dad and I caught up with them and asked how they enjoyed their EDC Orlando experience.

“It’s a nice refresher," the duo said. “We are stoked for the next EDC.”

The twins said their musical influence stems from Joyryde, who played at EDC Orlando 2018, and Habstrakt who played two sets this year, one at Kinetic Field and the other at Corona Electric Beach.

“It was a proud moment when one of them looked at me and said he wishes his dad was as cool as I was,” Jeff said. “It was not the last time that I would hear that comment over the weekend.”

When asked them about EDC advice, they said to keep it simple.

“Stay hydrated and listen to house music.”



Another duet on the lineup is X&G is from Salt Lake City, Utah.

With a style of future bass, they are a group that delivers energy to every show. This year they played at Circuit Grounds, one of the main stages and delivered heavy bass as well as melodic tones that make watching them a rollercoaster of energy and groove.

We caught up with this duo and asked them how they decided on their name. The two explained that their name is their initials: Christian and Gaja.

Diving deeper into their music, we asked their creative process behind creating a song.

“Getting inspired, like EDC with all these artists playing and mixing really gets you motivated to try new things and learn from what others are doing whether it’s production or DJing," the said.

With their song “4 MIND” released on Atlantic Records, the duo produced side-by-side with Skrillex and Josh Pan bringing an amazing blend of drum and bass and catchy leads that transcribe extremely well to the dance music environment. Whether they are making club hits or playing on the main stage be sure to check out X&G as they are rising to the top--and fast.


Too Kind

Next up goes by Too Kind from Orlando. With an energy-filled genre of trance, electro and dubstep, he calls his music “hybrid” as it takes you through a whirlwind of different sounds, energy shifts and beautifully produced transitions. The man behind the sets, Jarred, said he came up with the name “Too Kind” because his friends would always tell him he’s too nice.

Playing at Corona Electric Beach made for a huge turnout of people and at the end of the day, he hosted his own takeover with a handful of other artists. He says 2020 will consist of a brand refresh. He wants fans to know there is a lot more music coming and to be sure to keep an eye out and to always be kind.


A dad’s take on EDC

Jeff said he was pleasantly surprised to see a number of people there around his age.

“We were definitely not in the majority, but we had a good showing,” Jeff said. “If you need more proof that age is just a number, check out these two ladies that became known as the Techno Grandmas.”

Jeff said when he looks back on EDC weekend, he can’t help but feel a little sad.

“If only there was this much love, smiling faces and good vibes in our daily lives the world would be a much different place,” he said.

He adds whatever preconceptions anyone may have about going to an EDM event, know the attendees were all polite and seemed to look out for one another.

“Their motto is P.L.U.R: Peace, Love, Unity and Respect. I saw it first hand,” he said.

Jeff says whether you are a music lover, or just want to do some really good people-watching, take the risk on EDC.

“I suggest you step out of your comfort zone and meet me at EDC 2020. You might just connect with your children like never before.”

Signed, The Cool Dad.