UCF Police team up with student to save trapped squirrel

Squirrel scooped out of full storm drain with net

Saved squirrel by UCF Police
Saved squirrel by UCF Police (News 6)

ORLANDO, Fla. – One more squirrel is now able to freely run around campus.

On Saturday, a University of Central Florida student rescued a squirrel from a storm drain full of water on campus with the help of the UCF Police Department.

The student noticed the squirrel was trapped between the College of Engineering and College of Health Professions and Sciences buildings near Pegasus Drive.

Officers Gonzalez, Bryant, and Thompson came to the rescue and removed the storm drain cover, helping to free the animal. The student used a net to scoop the squirrel out of the drain.

After being pulled out of the drain, officers wrapped the wet squirrel in a towel.

UCF takes their furry squirrel friends on campus seriously. To keep up with the campus squirrels check out this Twitter page dedicated showcasing them.