Mail stolen from 20 addresses in Volusia County, 2 women charged with petit theft

Kelly Thomas and Jessica Gilligan were charged with petit theft

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – Mail was stolen from 20 addresses in Volusia County this week, according to an affidavit.

Kelly Thomas, 39, and Jessica Gilligan, 35, are facing charges of peitit theft.

The Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said around 3 a.m. Tuesday deputies arrived at the scene of a pickup truck parked on the side of South Glencoe Road and Cone Lakes Drive with its hazard lights on.

Deputies said an investigator spotted multiple items of mail inside the pickup truck from different addresses.

Investigators said Kelly Thomas told a deputy her pickup truck was emitting black smoke and making funny sounds.

Thomas’ friend Jessica Gilligan was also in the truck, according to the Sheriff’s Office.

Thomas told an investigator she had no idea why there was mail in her truck that did not belong to her, according to deputies.

The Sheriff’s Office said Gilligan told deputies she and Thomas were picking mail out of boxes.

Investigators said Thomas gave deputies consent to search the pickup truck.

Deputies said investigators collected mail from the following streets:

  • Cone Lake Drive
  • Erena Drive
  • Pearl Lake Trail
  • Old Mission Road
  • Hidden Trail
  • South Glencoe Road
  • Knittle Circle
  • Milrose Drive

Thomas and Gilligan have been convicted for theft before, according to investigators.

The women were transported to the Volusia County Jail.

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