Woman celebrates daughter on what would be girl’s 2nd birthday

Adalyn Zisa killed in crash that left mother, father injured

ALTAMONTE, Fla. – Shannon Zisa remembers her daughter, Adalyn, who would’ve turned 2 years old Wednesday.

“I want the world to remember that she was here, and she was sweet and she was kind, and she was an angel that walked the world for a really short time,” Zisa said.

She, along with family and friends, held a celebration of life at the site where her baby girl was killed.

“Standing where your daughter died -- it’s a lot different than going to visit where your child is buried,” Zisa said.

Zisa family.
Zisa family.

She and her husband, Dane, were also hit. Detectives said the driver, Shona Lynn Wallace, was under the influence of drugs at the time.

Zisa said they are still dealing with the injuries from that crash.

“Physically, I just went through my sixth surgery on my leg. It is healing, but I have no feeling in the top of my foot,” Zisa said.

Shannon and Dane Zisa.
Shannon and Dane Zisa.

Zisa said her husband was in a coma, but he is now awake in the hospital.

The family started a Go Fund Me and Zisa said she is grateful for all of the support, calling it critical, as they face a long road to recovery.

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