‘I want my foreskin back:’ Anti-circumcision protesters stage at Florida intersection

Activists planning stop in Orlando

Protesters from Bloodstained Men stage at an intersection in Florida. (Courtesy image)

BRADENTON, Fla. – A group of activists wearing clothes with red splotches in the crotch area protested circumcision at the corner of a Florida intersection, according to the Bradenton Herald.

The Bloodstained Men staged Monday with signs that read “Circumcision is sexual mutilation” and “I want my foreskin back,” among others.

Photos of the protesters were posted to a popular Facebook group for Bradenton residents, where they garnered hundreds of comments from those both for and against the medical procedure often performed on baby boys.

The stop in Bradenton was just one of several events planned across the state in the coming weeks, including one at the University of Central Florida in Orlando on Feb. 6.

Anti-circumcision protesters gather at a Bradenton intersection. (Courtesy image)

According to the Herald, the group advocates for a male’s right to decide whether he has his foreskin removed.

“It should be your choice how much of your penis you get to keep. Nobody should be tampering with the genitals of children,” a spokesman for Bloodstained Men told the newspaper.

Research from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicates that circumcision can reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections and other health complications. The World Health Organization notes that about 80% of men in America are circumcised compared to 32% in Canada and 21% in the United Kingdom.

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