Cruise lines to deny boarding to anyone who has recently been to China

Ban applies to anyone who has been to mainland China, Hong Kong within 14 days

Cruise Terminal 3, the largest-ever construction project at Port Canaveral is set to be completed in May. (Image: Port Canaveral)

Amid growing fears about the spread of the China-based Coronavirus cruise lines will deny boarding to anyone who has been to mainland China or Hong Kong in the past two weeks, according to a news release from the Cruise Lines International Association.

The coronavirus outbreak that has taken more than 360 lives and infected at least 17,238 people in China since late December. So far, growth has been exponential in China, but elsewhere cases remain under 150, scattered across nearly two dozen countries, reports The Associated Press.

The cruise industry trade association includes major international cruise lines including, Disney, Carnival, Norweigan and Royal Carribean. For a full list of its members, click here.

“CLIA Members have suspended crew movements from mainland China and will deny boarding to any individual, whether guest or crew, who has traveled from or through mainland China within the previous 14 days," a statement in the news release said.

The decision was made after CLIA consulted international health professionals and regulators, including the World Health Organization. Prior to the CLIA ban on passengers who recently traveled to China, the WHO declared the Coronavirus a global health emergency.

An email sent to future Royal Caribbean International passengers this week said the cruise line has tightened its health screening requirements. Guests who have been in contact with persons who have traveled to China in the last 15 days must undergo additional screenings, along with passengers who hold a Chinese or Hong Kong passport and anyone with flu-like symptoms.

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