NICU nurse reunites with patient three decades later while treating his son

Nurse recreates old image

(Credit: Renata Freydin)
(Credit: Renata Freydin) (WKMG)

It's a small world after all. Just ask a New Jersey nurse who reunited with an old patient while treating his son.

This photo is of David Caldwell, his newborn son, Zayne, and Lissa McGowan.

McGowan is a nurse with the neonatal intensive care unit at the children’s hospital at Saint Peter’s University Hospital.

She has been taking care of Zayne since he was admitted to the NICU, but she also took care of Zayne’s father when he was a newborn more than three decades ago.

Caldwell and his fiancée showed her a photo as proof.

The couple then took a photo of McGowan cradling Zayne, recreating the old image.