Snow leopard tests positive for COVID-19; zookeeper may have spread virus

6 species have been affected by COVID-19

A snow leopard has tested positive for coronavirus at the Louisville Zoo, making it the sixth confirmed animal species. (Louisville Zoo)

Another zoo animal has caught the coronavirus. This time, a snow leopard at the Louisville Zoo.

COVID-19 has been confirmed in one female snow leopard there, although two male leopards appear to have symptoms.

It’s likely a zookeeper who was asymptomatic accidentally spread the virus, despite taking precautions.

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So far, big cats, including lions and tigers, have also contracted coronavirus at the Bronx Zoo and in Tennessee.

In total, six species have been affected, though none of the big cats has been seriously ill.

The CDC reports a number of domestic cats and dogs have also been confirmed to have COVID-19.

While some animals can catch the virus, the risk of animals spreading it to humans is considered to be very low.