Blind girl’s reaction to getting Harry Potter book series in braille is priceless

(Photo by Alex Wong/Newsmakers) (Alex Wong, Getty.)

A blind girl had the most magical Christmas after receiving a special set of books.

A fan of the Harry Potter books, 7-year-old Emrie was delighted to receive the full series in braille for Christmas.

Her initial reaction when first opening the box of books was, “And they’re braille books.”

But her tone turned to utter excitement as she ran her finger across the cover of the book revealing it was a copy of “Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone.”

“Oh my God. I have my own braille copy. Now I can read it,” she said.

Emrie started reading the Harry Potter books with her dad at night but recently stopped because she wanted to read them for herself, according to

“They would relive the magic for days as Emrie never forgot a single detail of the wonderful world she heard her daddy read about,” her aunt Kateyn Suter told the news outlet. “They have recently stopped reading them because Emrie wants to read them herself, she wants to put her finger to the paper and fly through Hogwarts too.

Unfortunately, her family learned braille copies of the books were very expensive, ranging from $100 to $400 for a single book, and not very accessible as many libraries don’t have them as an option.

Emrie’s aunt decided to raise money from followers on Instagram to be able to purchase her a set of books.

The fundraiser total came to $4,226, making it possible for Emrie to get 13 books as well as more than 50 books to be donated to libraries.

“I am hoping with a little help that we can give this little girl the gift of magic for Christmas as well as possibly supply the local libraries with a set too,” Sutter said.