Video: News 6 investigators go retro for Halloween

You’re getting a look at the News 6 Investigators’ new promo video (check it out at the top of this story).

In honor of Halloween, the team went retro and had a lot of fun doing it.

“I grew up watching TV shows of this era — at least in reruns— and I wonder if those serious actors felt as ridiculous as we did!” Mike DeForest said. “After months of covering difficult stories, like the pandemic, while working from home or apart, it was great getting together with all my awesome colleagues again to do something fun and goofy.”

In the promo shoot, the Investigators went way back to help get results.

Donning trench coats, jumpsuits, tacky suits, big hair and more, the team couldn’t have been more in character.

“I saw what everyone was going to wear, and I thought, ‘What?’” Erik Sandoval said. “I remember watching people on TV wearing these clothes when I was a kid. This is going to be a lot of fun! I think I ran a full 5K during my sprint down the hallway for my portion because we had to do so many takes.”

“It felt like a new version of ‘Back to the Future’ 70s TV-style,” added Mike Holfeld. “Everyone fell right into character and we had a blast doing our best schtick for the production crew. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed shooting it. "

As you can see, the investigators enjoyed a break from covering serious topics and got to have fun on camera.

“As investigative reporters, we don’t always get to show our fun side on camera, so this was a treat. And who doesn’t like a white leisure suit?” Louis Bolden said.

Merris Badcock added, “It was a fun team bonding experience. We got to show a different side of our personalities since we usually take on serious investigations. We take what we do very seriously, but it’s nice to be able to have fun every now and then, too.”