🔓Here’s how you’ve been playing UNO wrong all your life

Can’t play? Only draw 1 card

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Uno is a game that has been played for generations. It is set up on family traditions and house rules.

So when one player's interpretations of the UNO rules don't quite match another's, things can get heated.

Let's look at the official UNO rules to set things straight with some common misconceptions.


The person to the left of the dealer goes first. And if you really want to get technical, the rules state that each player draws a card and the player with the highest number is the dealer.

Can't play

If you can't play a card, you must pick the top card on the draw pile. Here's where things get interesting. According to UNO, you are only to draw ONE card. If you can play it, go ahead. If you can't, play moves to the next person.

What did that just say? It said that everything you've known about UNO and drawing until you can play was all a lie.

Draw 2 card

If you are hit with a draw 2 card, you miss your turn after drawing two. Who reading this has been making a play after drawing? (Raises hand)

Reverse card

If a reverse card is the first card set out from the draw pile, it is in play. The rotation of play moves back to the dealer and goes the opposite way.

Wild card

There's nothing crazy here with the wild card except that if this is the first card turned up from the draw pile, the player to the left of the dealer gets to pick the color and play a card.

Draw 4 card

Again, if you are served with a Draw 4 card, you lose your turn after drawing 4. But that's not all. And this is a rule I've never heard before.

You can only play a draw 4 card if you DO NOT have a card in your hand that matches the color in play.

How did I not know this?

But wait, there's more. If you think a player has put down a draw 4 card illegally, you can challenge that player. They must show their hand.

If they are guilty, they must draw 4 cards. But if a player is challenged and it's wrong, you must draw the four cards and two additional cards for a total of six.

Be careful what you wish for on this one.


This one seems clear cut in that if you don't say "UNO" when you have only one card left and someone calls you out, you must draw cards. According to the official rules, you only have to draw two cards. Some players have been drawing many more than that.

Learning the official rules of UNO has me questioning those who taught me the game.

How have you been playing UNO wrong all this time?

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