Charlie Crist responds to 'Fangate'

Crist, Gov. Rick Scott's debate in south Florida takes social media by storm

ORLANDO, Fla. - Charlie Crist responded to Local 6 after a debate that will go down in history.

"I don't see anything wrong with wanting to be comfortable," Crist told Local 6's Louis Bolden.

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According to a release, having a fan on stage was a violation of rules and Crist won't be able to have a fan next Tuesday during his debate with Scott under the no electronic devices rule.

Crist was in Orlando Thursday morning for a fundraiser that was not open to the public, according to his campaign staff.


Crist said he wanted to get back to issues that people in Florida care about.

The issue has taken social media by storm, earning the hashtag #fangate.

Many social media users have criticized both candidates for the debacle. "One tweet said that it was childish of both of you, another says you were both petty, how do you respond to that?" Bolden asked the former governor.

"I'm just glad we were able to go ahead and have the debate.  I was sorry that Rick Scott came late, but glad he showed up, better late than never," Crist said.

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Crist stood alone on the stage in front of the crowd for four minutes Wednesday night at Broward College because Scott said Crist's electric fan violated a rule against the use of electronic devices.

Scott offered his own reason for being late last night. "I waited until we figured out if he was going to show up," Scott said during the debate.

Scott was asked about Fangate today at a campaign stop. "He was sweating and needed a fan.  I'm surprised he didn't try to ask for dry ice," he said.    

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