Fla. fisherman hooks onto alligator, gets dragged to shore

Fisherman hooks onto gator in Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge

OAK HILL, Fla. - A local fisherman reeled in more than he expected and lured a hungry alligator onto his kayak.

[WATCH: RAW video of fisherman hooking onto gator]

The video posted on YouTube shows the gator stalking the fisherman's catch out in the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge before moving in to steal it.

Dave Grant has been fishing out there for years and said gators have gotten more aggressive, but last week, he didn't see one coming until it was right on top of him.

Grant had just caught his first Tarpon, and like any good fisherman, was determined to reel it in. But while he was looking for a prize fish, the gator was looking for lunch.

"I felt him hit the kayak and then by the time I turned around, he was in the water," said Grant, "and then I just got mad."

After he posted the video online, Grant saw comments from viewers, and admits some think he's crazy for what he did next -- he held onto his rod and let the gator pull him across the water to shore.

"When I looked at the video I realized how close he really got," Grant said. "Once I got past the initial shock of him coming up that close and then once he started taking off, I had time to think about it. I had my knife right by my side. I was ready to cut the line, if I needed to."

His wife saw the video too. She wasn't exactly happy.

"She was not thrilled about that. Not thrilled at all," Grant said as he laughed. "I did think it could have gotten worse. It could have went a whole lot worse. I was lucky, very lucky."

Grant said he's not letting this incident stop him from fishing the very same spot, but if it happens again he said next time, he'll just let the fish go.

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