Kissimmee road without crosswalk is accident waiting to happen, residents say

1 already killed in area in 2015 crash, records show

People living in Kissimmee say a portion of a road with multiple bus stops is an accident waiting to happen.
People living in Kissimmee say a portion of a road with multiple bus stops is an accident waiting to happen.

KISSIMMEE, Fla. – People living in Kissimmee say a portion of a road with multiple bus stops but no crosswalk is an accident waiting to happen.

There has already been one fatality in the same area and many fear there could be another.

There’s no question Michigan Avenue in Kissimmee has its share of traffic, and it can be a task for people trying to cross the road.

News 6 investigator Louis Bolden visited the area and saw pedestrians cross two lanes of traffic, only to get caught in the center turning lane.

Meurline Bassette has three children she walks to the bus stop daily.

“They don’t want to stop for the kids,” she said.

She says more often than not, drivers don’t stop.

“They should put a crosswalk or something,” Bassette said.

In August, News 6 documented the congestion, pedestrians caught in the road, and numerous drivers who did not stop for school buses, even though, by law, they should have.

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News 6 contacted the county after witnessing the traffic issues but, months later, some residents say they have not seen results.

Claudia Zuco has lived in the area for years and says the county is not moving fast enough.

"I do believe they're dragging their feet. I know they’re not doing enough," Zuco said. "It's a dangerous area that needs to be addressed."

The email chain between News 6 and Osceola County spokesperson Mark Pino is pages long.

In August, Pino said the county was not aware of the problem but recently said, now that it has been brought to their attention, it would take 30 days to determine if a solution could be put in place.

More than thirty days passed.

When News 6 asked for an update on Oct. 15, almost two months later, Pino wrote that the county had begun a pedestrian and bicycle safety study on the Michigan Avenue corridor.

Almost two months after that, the county produced a map with all of the issues on Michigan Avenue, saying they are still evaluating the data.

The map outlines the school bus stops, the Lynx bus stops and all of the crashes that have happened on the road.

Three have happened near Boulder Drive, including one fatality.

News 6 learned that in late 2015, a pedestrian who was in a wheelchair was struck and killed by an SUV.

Four years later, News 6′s cameras caught a man in a wheelchair who had to wait for a stopped school bus to make his way across the road.

Zuco fears that if something isn’t done soon, there could be another fatality.

“It would be heart-wrenching if that were a child just trying to get across to make it to school," Zuco said.

The county hopes to have recommendations in place by the start of the year, according to Pino.

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