License plate readers installed at UCF to promote campus safety

Drivers will not be allowed to back into a spot

By ClickOrlando Staff, Troy Campbell - Reporter

ORLANDO, Fla. - Starting July 1, license plate readers will be located at all campus entry and exit points to help promote campus safety at University of Central Florida.

One on-campus garage will have the readers at the entrance and exit points, according to school officials.

Investigators will run collected license plates against systems that show stolen or wanted vehicles, according to UCF officials.

With the new techonology, drivers will not be allowed to pull through a parking space spot.

Drivers have to go nose-in into a spot.

Anyone who does not follow theses rules will be cited or given a warning.

UCF Chief of Police Carl Metzger said in 2017 37 students’ cars were broken into by a group that drove onto campus in a stolen car.

Metzger said he is confident license plate readers would have stopped those criminals.

“I feel like that just great to hear," said UCF graduate Charles Hines. “It’s reassuring to know that they are taking those measures to keep everyone safe or just to kind of monitor and regulate who is coming through. We have a very open campus.”

Some students said they were concerned with the data that will be collected.

“The data is just too intrusive on everyday citizens and my fellow UCF knights. I know that’s been a problem in quite a few cases," UCF student Kurt Ramos said.

UCF Police said that the pilot program has a cost of $350,000 with $300,000 being paid for by grants.

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