Florida man hopes Facebook will help find stolen ‘Jesus’ statue

4-foot statue taken from Sorrento man’s yard

SORRENTO, Fla. – Fello Ambivero is looking to bring home a 4-foot religious statue he says was stolen from his yard in Sorrento.

To help with the search, he took to social media posting a message on an Apopka Facebook group, asking if anyone had seen his statue.

“My Jesus statue got stolen this weekend from my front yard," the post reads.

Though the statue appears to be one of the Three Wise Men that may appear in a Christmas nativity scene, Ambivero said it has been in his family for generations and they firmly believe it is a statue of Jesus.

According to Ambivero, the statue was taken from a yard off County Road 435.

Ambivero’s friend, Wesley Colon, said the statue was important to both of them.

“The statue is important because it was something that we used to use at the race track to symbolize us coming together,” Colon said.

Colon and Ambivero used to host drifting events at the Central Florida Racing Complex. The statue stood there at the track and became something he said people loved to see.

Fello Ambivero says his 4-foot statue was stolen from his yard. (WKMG)

When the track closed, Ambivero kept the statue as a memento.

“It was just something of a keepsake,” Colon said.

It eventually ended up along County Road 435, where neighbors and drivers said remember seeing it.

The owner has created a Facebook group for the statue in hopes that it’s returned.

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