Sanford family continues search for missing Navy veteran

Group to search for Robert Ford on Wednesday

SANFORD, Fla. – On Wednesday, a group plans to search for a missing Sanford man.

Sanford Police said that Robert Ford, 73, went missing back on Nov. 30, 2019, from his family’s home.

Catherine Ford told News 6 she’s hopeful Wednesday’s search will locate her father.

"I know that my son would just be so elated to see his papa again," said Ford.

Ford said that her holiday wish is for the safe return of her father. She said her father Robert is a 24 year U.S. Navy veteran.

"Wherever he is, I know he's confused and we want to bring him home," said Ford.

Ford said that local volunteers and law enforcement will take part in the search of nearby woods and vacant homes. Ford is hopeful that her father simply lost his way.

"Going around in the woods and using also drones and interferes with the organization We are the Youth," said Ford.

Sanford Police had already said that Ford suffered from PTSD. His daughter also added that in recent weeks he has shown signs of being disoriented. She also said that she had planned for her father to be evaluated by a doctor just a few days after he disappeared.

"We could just be a family again and go back to the way things are and get him the medical attention he needs and the medicine he's needed this entire time," said Ford.

Volunteers plan to meet between 10 a.m. and noon on Wednesday at 310 Fern Drive in Sanford.

Anyone who sees Robert Ford is asked to contact Sanford Police.

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