DEBATE: Does new decade start in 2020 or 2021?

People can’t seem to agree


ORLANDO, Fla. – As people talk about ushering in a new year, much has been centered on it being the beginning of a new decade.

But some say that the new decade doesn’t start until Jan. 1, 2021.

A decade is a span of 10 years, but according to USA Today, “a glitch in our calendar system creates a problem if you think decades should begin in years ending with a zero. If you continue the pattern back about 2020 years, you run into a major issue.”

The issue is that there’s no “year zero” in our calendar system, Craig Callender, a professor of philosophy at UC San Diego told USA Today.

This theory, being debated by the Farmers’ Almanac, timeanddate.com, the New York Times and others, explains why decades, centuries or millennia can only start on years ending in one.

Callender believes there’s no right answer. He went on to say there’s a case for beginning the decade in 2020 because it’s how we think and talk about time.

Children’s ages start at zero and not one. When decades are discussed, like the 1960s, they start with years ending in zero and not one.

Sticking with starting a new decade in 2020 will make things easier in present day, Callender said.

And with that debate explained, let us know in the comments when you think the decade begins.

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