Veteran’s Voice: U.S. Marine Corps Maj. Barron Mills

A veteran shares his voice with Central Florida

Coming from a family with a long line of military members, Barron Mills always felt like the military was his calling. As a young high schooler in 1986, the movie “Top Gun” hooked him on wanting to be a pilot, unfortunately, vision issues derailed his dreams and he was forced to find another role.

Mills recalls his experiences during multiple deployments including stents in Iraq, Haiti, Afghanistan and the Mediterranean and how he relied on his previous training to get him through several hardships.

After 20 years of service, Mills is still dedicating his time to helping the military, just in a much different role. Listen to learn more how Mills is continuing to serve the veteran community here in Central Florida.

Veteran’s Voice allows our community’s heroes to be candid about the daily challenges while serving the United States of America and after their service. If you are a veteran and would like to tell your story, contact us today.