2nd death investigated in same Orange County home

Deputies called to West Ella J Gilmore Street home twice in same week

ORANGE COUNTY – The Orange County Sheriff’s Office is investigating a death that took place on Saturday at 520 West Ella J Gilmore Street.

Deputies said after responding to a call for aggravated battery, a man was found at the home and transported to Advent Health Apopka, where he was eventually pronounced dead.

Deputies are not releasing how the man was killed or who he is, but Jamia Rudolph knows the victim and said he was like her big brother because they grew up together.

“Best man, best brother, best cousin, best uncle,” Rudolph said. “That man would give you the shirt off his back.”

Rudolph is now trying to understand why.

And to make matters worse, she and several neighbors said it all happened at the same home in Apopka where a 40-year-old man was found shot to death late Wednesday.

“They here celebrating one death and you get killed during the process,” Rudolph said. “Don’t add up.”

At this time, deputies haven’t said if the two incidents are related. Rudolph wants answers as she prays for peace.

“Grow up, grow up, turn yourself in and figure it out,” Rudolph said. “Even if you don’t figure it out, you reap what you sow, period.”

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