Beaten teen waking up from coma two weeks after discovered unconscious

Brennan Navarre could soon talk to police, family says

PALM BAY, Fla. – Investigators are closer to interviewing a 19-year-old found unconscious in a remote part of Brevard County.

Brennan Navarre's family believes he was severely beaten New Year's Eve before he went into a coma.

Two weeks later, the Navarre family says Brennan's health is improving and he is slowly coming back to his senses.

Brennan's 16-year-old sister, Jade, called her big brother a positive role model in her life.

When asked what the family suspects happened to him, Brennan's sister said, "Somebody picked him up and beat him but he was trying to fight back and they just gave up and left him there for dead."

Navarre was discovered on New Year's Eve by mosquito sprayers working in an undeveloped part of Palm Bay called the Compound.

A dispatcher relayed he was laying on the side of the road, bleeding from his forehead and unresponsive.

The dispatcher also said Navarre was naked in the fetal position.

The Compound has no cameras so even Palm Bay police said if a criminal act had occurred, it would make sense for someone to dump Navarre there.

However, police said he was so hurt he couldn't talk so detectives had no idea what happened to him or even if it happened in the Compound.

Navarre's family said Friday he's finally waking up from the coma and will hopefully be ready to tell his story, soon.

It's a breakthrough for police waiting to interview him.

"It's a very positive sign. He smiled at me when I went to go visit him. He's safe right now and we're trying to give him all the love we can," sister Jade said.

While Navarre is his own best witness, police also continue to ask for the public’s help. If you know anything about what happened to Brennan Navarre, you’re asked to call the Palm Bay Police Department.

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