Judge finds that Angel Rivera violated his conditions, revokes bond

Witnesses say they saw Angel Rivera return to his St. Cloud property

Angel Rivera was led out of court and back to jail Friday four days after he was released on bond.

OSCEOLA COUNTY, Fla. – Angel Rivera was led out of court and back to jail Friday four days after he was released on bond.

Prosecutors asked a judge to revoke bond for Rivera who is accused of playing a role in his daughter-in-law’s death.

Prosecutors claim Rivera violated at least one of the terms of his release. According to Rivera's attorney, someone came forward and claimed he returned to his St. Cloud property where the remains of 33-year-old Nicole Montalvo were found in October.

Christopher Gerth was first to take the stand. He told the court Angel Rivera pulled into the driveway of his home after being released on bond earlier this week. One of the conditions of his release was that Rivera is not allowed to return to the property where Nicole Montalvo’s remains were found.

Rivera’s daughter Judith Genao was second to testify. She told prosecutors that her father was untruthful about arranging to stay on her property and work with her husband during his bond hearing.

The defense called upon Irmgard Deshong who told prosecutors that she was with Rivera the morning he was reportedly seen driving by the property.

Rivera’s defense argued that his client did not return to the property and even if the Gerth’s account is accurate, Rivera never left his vehicle.

Rivera and his son, Christoper Otero-Rivera, were arrested in connection with Montalvo’s death, but neither has been formally charged with murder.

Rivera was allowed to walk out of jail on Monday after posting the $170,000 of bail on charges of abuse of a dead body, failure to report a death and possession of a weapon by a convicted felon. The bond amount was previously set at $350,000 but the amount was reduced on Jan. 10.

Deputies said Montalvo was last seen dropping off her son with his father and grandparents at a home on Hixon Avenue in St. Cloud.

Investigators said Montalvo was supposed to pick her son up from school and never showed up.

The Sheriff’s Office said Montalvo’s estranged husband, Otero-Rivera, was on house arrest and his ankle monitor showed he was in the area where Montalvo’s remains were found.

Angel Rivera, his wife, Wanda Rivera, Otero-Rivera and Nicholas Rivera are all facing charges in the case.

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