Markeith Loyd’s lawyers to use insanity defense in upcoming trial

Loyd accused of killing Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton

ORLANDO, Fla. – Court documents show Markeith Loyd’s lawyers will use the insanity defense in an upcoming trial.

Loyd is accused of killing Orlando police Lt. Debra Clayton in 2017.

The court documents claim Loyd suffered from a mental infirmity and because of his condition did not know what he was doing or its consequences or although he knew what he was doing and its consequences he did not know it was wrong.

Loyd’s attorneys have filed a new motion that says Orlando police ignored evidence that suggests Clayton fired first when the pair encountered each other in a Walmart parking lot in 2017.

Attorneys said authorities failed to look into Clayton’s actions the night of the shooting, claiming her actions could be against policy and change the course of his case.

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According to paperwork filed by Loyd’s attorneys, the Orlando Police Department had an “overwhelming bias against Loyd for killing one of their own, making them incapable of looking at this case objectively.”

Loyd is accused of gunning down Orlando Police Lt. Debra Clayton in January of 2017 while he was on the run from police.

Clayton was leaving the John Young Parkway grocery store around 7:15 a.m. when a woman approached her and told her that Loyd, who was wanted in connection with the shooting death of his pregnant ex-girlfriend, Sade Dixon, was behind her in line at the store.

Clayton ran approximately 10 feet behind Loyd as he ran between two concrete pillars. Loyd looped around one of the pillars, drew his gun and pointed it at Clayton, the report said. Clayton pulled out her gun and turned to run toward the parking lot when Loyd fired three rounds at her, according to police.

Clayton was struck four times: one bullet in the hip, another going through her buttock and shattering her hipbone; one in the thigh and one going through her neck and lodging in her shoulder.

Loyd will go on trial again this year to face the charges connected to the death of Lt. Debra Clayton. A jury found Loyd guilty of murdering Dixon in October.

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Attorneys for convicted murderer Markeith Loyd were back in an Orange County courtroom Friday.