Herds for hire! Here’s a new way to get rid of invasive plants, pesticide-free

Rent-a-ruminant offers homeowners a new way to get rid of those pesky weeds

ORLANDO, Fla. – If you’ve ever tried to keep up with the maintenance of your house yard or business, you’ve realized it’s a lot of work -- especially when weeds and overgrown brushes get out of control. But, Rent-A-Ruminant is now in central Florida to get rid of those invasive species.

“These are a very Eco-logical way to come in, clear out the invasive stuff and then you come in and get rid of what’s left,” Carol Etscovitz, goat wrangler for Rent-A-Ruminant said.

Etscovitz was hired with her herd of 25 goats by the Homeowners Association for Silver Woods, a residential community in Windermere, Orange county.

"There's a chain of lakes that are surrounding so you don't want to spray herbicides on these plants," Etscovitz said.

The HOA said in a statement via email: "We noticed the area becoming more and more inundated with what looked to be invasive species and the traditional Florida plants and landscape getting overwhelmed, crowded out, and dying off. Vines were even climbing up and killing tall pine trees, causing a potential hazard for the road."

Instead of using chemicals and pesticides they contacted Etscovitz who is based in Myaka city, Manatee county.

She’s been on-site for more than a week where the goats have cleared more than 80 feet by 200 feet of space. The Nubian, Pygmy, Nigerian Dwarfs and mixed goats eat invasive species like grapevine, potato vine and even unwanted palmetto leaves.

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