Woman claims accused rapist assaulted her during job interview

Courtney Cash recounts Valentine’s Day meeting with Joson Minton

VOLUSIA COUNTY, Fla. – A woman who told law enforcement she was assaulted by an accused rapist is speaking to News 6 about her experience.

Courtney Cash, 29, said on Valentine’s Day she was approached at work by Jason Minton, 43. Cash said she set up an interview and for Minton to pick her up at her house on the following Monday.

Cash said Minton took her to a sports bar in Orange City.

“He offers to buy me a drink and, you know OK, and then he buys me a shot and I tell him I don’t really want anymore after that,” said Cash. “I just noticed I felt a lot more intoxicated than I usually would after the amount of drinks that I consumed.”

Cash said that she started to feel ill and told Minton that it was time to take her home. She said that is when Minton drove her to a secluded area, telling her that is was a job site for his landscaping company.

When Cash reported the incident to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office, she said investigators told her that there was another case Minton was wanted for.

"If I don't stand up today and file my report, he's just going to keep doing this," said Cash.

Investigators in Ormond Beach released surveillance video of what they described as showing Minton pull an unconscious woman into a vehicle outside the River Grille. Investigators said this incident happened the day after Minton assaulted Cash.

Cash also said she conducted a background check on Minton prior to the interview, but said Minton gave her a different last name.

Court records show Minton pleaded not guilty to the battery charge in Cash's case.

Last week, the Volusia County Sheriff’s Office said at least six women have come forward since Minton’s arrest.

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