Sen. Rick Scott calls for transparency as cruise ship is forced offshore

Cruise ship held off Florida coase
Cruise ship held off Florida coase

Passengers right now on board the Regal Princess are sharing a play by play of their long vacation at sea.

Their cruise ship was supposed to dock at Port Everglades in South Florida early Sunday morning, but now the CDC has forced their ship to remain offshore while crew two members are being tested for the coronavirus.

At a press briefing in Tampa, Florida Sen. Rick Scott said the goal is to have transparency.

“I believe the more we can tell the public about the types of people, what issues that they’re dealing with, then it’ll resonate with people,” Scott said.

Scott said he’s met with Vice President Mike Pence and the Florida cruise industry, working to make sure people are safe.

This comes after two coronavirus deaths in Florida and a new presumptive case in Volusia County announced just yesterday.

“Every cruise company has some information on their website now, but they’re coming out with a very specific plan as an industry on Tuesday,” Scott said.

Scott sent a letter to the Department of Homeland Security, the CDC, the FAA and the health departments in Santa Rosa and Lee Counties requesting more information about the two cases of coronavirus deaths in Florida.

Now there is a new warning for Americans: think twice before traveling by cruise ship.

That warning is from the State Department urging Americans, especially older people and those who have health issues, not to travel by cruise.

They're saying you might be more at risk of catching the coronavirus.

This all happening as the CDC late on Sunday cleared the Regal Princess to dock in South Florida after 2 crew members were tested for the coronavirus.

Those results thankfully came back negative.

“They have kept us up to date on everything, very professional and comforting,” said a Regal Princess passenger.

Her ship was supposed to dock Sunday Morning, but had to wait for testing by the CDC.

“There are two crew members that the CDC wants tested, but they’re not sick. They have no symptoms, but they were apparently on board the Grand,” said the passenger.

The Grand Princess is still being held off near San Francisco after 21 confirmed cases of coronavirus on board.

Meantime, a couple from Canada said their 7-day cruise was cancelled on the Regal Princess.

They found out after traveling down to south Florida.

"Every cruise company has some information on their website now, but they’re coming out with a very specific plan as an industry on Tuesday, said Scott.

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