2 arrested in Palm Bay after 32 dogs found in 'filthy’ home, deputies say

Owner surrendered all but 3 animals

2 arrested in Palm Bay after 32 dogs found in filth
2 arrested in Palm Bay after 32 dogs found in filth

PALM BAY, Fla. – Two people were arrested Monday after authorities found 32 dogs living in “filthy” conditions, according to deputies with the Brevard County Sheriff’s Office.

Officials said they were checking on a home after neighbors smelled a foul stench coming from the house.

Inside the home deputies said they found Michelle Seekins, 45, and Scott Knepp, 43 along with a large number of dogs.

Deputies wrote in the report they found no clean furniture in the house and dog feces everywhere.

“There was an overabundance of adult dogs in the intermediate area after entering the residence,” deputies wrote in the report. “There was dog feces and urine on every inch of the floor and smeared all over the walls throughout the house.”

Inside a bedroom, deputies found a mattress lying in the middle of the floor covered with feces and urine. In the corner sitting in a puddle of urine were six 3-day-old puppies that had just been born, deputies said.

Knepp told deputies that the dogs can go days without eating when no one is home, according to the report.

According to officials, there were 21 adult Huskies as well as five puppies.

“Animal Control took possession of the dogs and came to an agreement that Scott would surrender all but three, and he would have to go to court to get the three dogs back,” deputies said.

Seekins and Knepp were charged with child neglect and animal cruelty.

They were booked into the Brevard County Jail.