Powerlifting teacher remixes 'Frozen’ song to connect with students during coronavirus pandemic

You’ll never hear ‘Let It Go’ the same way

A New Jersey teacher put down the weights and warmed up his vocals to connect with his students during the coronavirus pandemic.

Bob Merkh, a 7th grade social studies teacher in Upper Township, New Jersey, posted a video on his Instagram of his COVID-19 remix to “Let It Go,” from Disney’s “Frozen” movie.

It’s the same song we all know and love to belt but -- with lyrics like, “a month of forced isolation, people 6 feet in between” and “the schools as empty as the grocer shelves inside” -- features many parts of the new “normal” we’ve all come to know due to the global coronavirus outbreak.

Merkh, who is usually lifting heavy objects when he’s not teaching, says he put on the performance in an effort to brighten his students’ days while they’re out of school for an extended period of time.

Schools across the country have turned to distance learning to stop the spread of COVID-19, forcing teachers and students to connect online, as Merkh mentions in his remix.

Watch his full video below.