Groceries handed out to more than 1,600 residents at Holly Hill food drive

As coronavirus pandemic continues, nonprofit offers fifth food drive in five weeks

HOLLY HILL, Fla. – Volusia County residents waited patiently for much-appreciated groceries to be passed out during a food drive at Holly Hill City Hall Thursday morning amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The drive was supposed to start at 10 a.m. but organizers started filling trunks a half hour earlier, not wanting to keep people who were already in line waiting.

Tanysha Hartsgrove works for Daytona Dream Center, a nonprofit organization that partners with local churches and other agencies to help people in Volusia County. Hartsgrove said 50 volunteers worked the food drive and provided groceries to more than 1,600 residents. She said it was all thanks to Second Harvest Food Bank, the City of Holly Hill, Heroes Hope Network and Hunger Fight.

“It’s been affecting everyone in different ways, so for us to be able to provide food and just spread hope and love, and to just reach people who need help in the moment, we’re just blessed to be a blessing,” Hartsgrove said.

Holly Hill resident Lissette Pagan said the food drive was certainly a blessing for her family.

“I went from making, like, 40 hours every two weeks to about three and two hours a week,” she said. “It’s a blessing. Some people are struggling more than others. Some people don’t have a job. It’s really hard, you know. We’re truly grateful.”

Hartsgrove said it was important to hold a food drive in Holly Hill and surrounding areas.

“We know there are a lot of families in Holly Hill with great need so for us, it was really important for us to get out here to spread the food out to this community,” she said.

Organizers with Daytona Dream Center said this food drive was the fifth one in the last five weeks. Hartsgrove said the organization will continue to serve as long as it’s needed.

“If you need help, please feel free to reach out. Everyone’s going through the same circumstances and we just want to help as many people as possible,” Hartsgrove said.

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