Instagram introduces new ways to donate to your favorite cause

Couch concerts can now raise money for COVID-19 initiatives

ORLANDO,Fla. – Instagram has upped its fundraising game by allowing people to donate as they watch a live broadcast, among other updates to their donation features.

These updates have been rolled out during the coronavirus pandemic as the platform has seen a surge in user activity during global stay-at-home orders. The newest feature is Live Donation.

To start a Live Donation, users would have to open the app and tap on the camera icon top left, select the live option at the bottom of the screen, choose Fundraiser and then select the nonprofit organization the user would like to raise money for.

Essentially, users are starting a broadcast with the intent to collect donations for a cause. Funds raised from the Live Donation feature will go directly to the nonprofit, according to Instagram.

Users will have about 1 million non-profits to pick from, some specifically directed to aid in the COVID-19 outbreak.

Instagram users can now collect donations for a nonprofit while broadcasting live on the app. (WKMG 2020)

Apart from starting fundraising campaigns live, philanthropic users can still utilize the donation sticker offered for Instagram stories --but may notice an update. When someone donates to a cause through a sticker, they unlock an “I donated” Instagram Story sticker for themselves to humble-brag about how they’re saving the world with their contribution.

Instagram has also incorporated a way to get Facebook fundraisers on the photo-heavy platform. Users can now share Facebook fundraisers on the Instagram app, putting their campaign in front of more people. This feature makes sense, seeing how Facebook is Instagram’s parent company.

Users see a few changes when using the Donation sticker on Instagram Story. (WKMG 2020)

So if you’re bored in the house (or in the house bored), or just missing some company, consider talking to a live audience for a good cause.

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