Seminole County high school students start to clear out lockers

High schools to release different procedures to gather belongings left at school

SEMINOLE COUNTY, Fla. – Tuesday was the first day students at Hagerty High School in Oviedo were able to make an appointment to clear out their lockers.

“Not being able to see or talk to my friends is a little difficult,” Hagerty sophomore Karly Wilkins said.

They were welcomed with empty classrooms and quiet hallways.

“It definitely felt weird... It was kind of eerie, not seeing all the people there,” Hagerty senior Zander Forza said.

“It is very empty, definitely something I’m not used it. It’s sad actually,” Hagerty freshman Corbin Whitlow said.

Some students snapped photos before heading home, optimistic about going to school on campus next semester. Seniors, like Forza, said they can't help but feel like they missed out on the senior experience.

“It’s a little sad that grad bash didn’t happen... Graduation is sad because we worked so hard for that not to happen, but I hope it gets reciprocated somehow,” Forza said.

At Lake Brantley High - students aren't yet cleaning out their lockers - but Senior Nicole San Martin stopped by to complete some paperwork.

"It definitely brings some sad feelings. I just saw my teacher in there and we were talking about prom. I wish we could finish it with prom and graduation," said Lake Brantley Senior, Nicole San Martin.

The Seminole County School District said not every school will allow students to return to campus and pick-up their belongings. They’re coming up with different procedures to do that and will send the information to parents.

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