Man charged with killing estranged wife asks for trial to be moved

Attorneys for Christopher Otero-Rivera also file motion regarding crime scene photos

An Osceola County man accused of murdering his estranged wife is fighting to have his upcoming trial moved out of Central Florida.

Attorneys recently filed two motions on behalf of Christopher Otero-Rivera.

According to court documents, one motion asks for Rivera’s upcoming trial to be moved from Osceola County to either Hillsborough, Broward or Palm Beach county.

The second motion requests that crime scene photos showing the dismembered body of Nicole Montalvo be kept away from the jury.

Montalvo’s remains were found in October 2019 on the St. Cloud property where Rivera lived with his parents.

Rivera’s father, Angel, and his mother Wanda, have also been charged in connection with Montalvo’s murder.

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